Instagram climbed the ladder very quite quickly in terms of popularity. The one billion active monthly users would vouch for IGTV. IGTV is looking for several new innovative ways to help the brands and to help the businesses to reach their audience and also make users create the accessible content so buy IGTV views, this is why Instagram introduces the new feature IGTV. IGTV is the acronym of the Instagram television or Instagram TV, and also the business profiles are visited at least one time by nearly more than 200 million users on Instagram. This action tells the future and present of products or brands marketing in video content, among other things. Users can upload the vertical video with a duration of 15 seconds to 20 minutes, even though Instagram allows the user to make short clips and live streams of videos. This IGTV is available as an independent app and also in an Instagram app. You can post videos with 60 minutes duration if you have a verified account or if you have many followers for your account. This is why IGTV features made an intense competition for youtube. Even though YouTube has more advanced functionality for videos with a long duration, IGTV offers to increase the awareness of the brand and attract more traffic for websites as a new opportunity. IGTV is familiar to users who are already using Instagram stories. IGTV allows you to promote your blog or your business if you want, and it has a lot more to offer.


First of all, the most effective type of content and most engaging material is video. It is the only content type which includes all the kind of content like links, photographs, texts, and genres of music. There is no surprise of hearing marketers like videos. Selling a brand video can help you. For targetting the audience shares your videos on social media because social media is the best place.

  1. After the introduction of IGTV, more than 1 million people installed.
  2. You can get IGT in both separate apps for IGTV and Instagram apps.
  3. The user’s purchase probability increased by 97% because of the video content’s positive experience.
  4. 53.4 percent of marketers see the videos as more important than other content on Instagram.
  5. All 80% of the internet content will be video content in 2020.
  6. Users like videos more; in fact, users spend almost 90% of the time on videos on the websites.