You should be creating videos if you want to increase your engagement on social media because most of the social media network’s algorithms give the preferences to the video posts these days. This includes Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. But there is one challenge with publishing video content on Instagram, and it is that you can create videos that are only less than a minute long. So how do you battle this? The solution to that is Instagram TV or IGTV. in IGTV, and you can publish video content that is up to sixty minutes long and take advantage of many other things.  


IGTV is Instagram’s exclusive video social media network where users can publish longer-form videos. IGTV was launched on 20th June 2018 by Instagram. You can buy IGTV views to popularize your videos. When it was launched, users were only able to publish vertical videos (portrait videos), but then users were allowed to publish landscape videos as well. 


There are three different ways to access Instagram TV: one is by installing the IGTV application on your mobile device and separately using it. The second way is by going to Instagram’s explore page and clicking on the option “IGTV.” The third way is by going to an Instagram profile and then clicking on the Instagram TV icon. The IGTVicon will appear on your Instagram profile only if you have an IGTV channel. The IGTV channel option won’t be available if they have not been created yet. You will also be able to see the IGTV icon on the desktop version of Instagram too. 

If you want to watch an IGTV video, you just click on the video, and it will begin playing. This includes sending, saving, commenting, and liking. Buy IGTV Likes for less cost and more quantity, You will be able to read the video’s description if you click on the small inverted triangle. Simply you need to click on the search icon to search for IGTV channels. Search icon appears at the upper right side corner, and type your question. 

You can also preview your IGTV video on your Instagram feed. Your preview will run for one minute. Users will be able to access it on IGTV after watching the preview on Instagram. Promoting your IGTV video preview is a great way. 

Initially, IGTV was made for posting only portrait videos, but later, they added landscape videos because they perceive thta their users and audiences prefer landscape videos. You can choose whatever video type you want. We recommend you experiment with both landscape videos and portrait videos.

Portrait shape videos are great for vlog-type videos, while landscape videos are great for other video types. You can also use third-party applications to create videos of the right dimensions. IGTV recommended you use the videos in 1080 x 1920 pixels. The aspect ratio of IGTV videos is 9:16.