5 Incredible Content Ideas To Power Up Your Instagram Reels Strategy

Instagram rolled out its latest feature in August 2020 — Reels. It enables you to create the video up to 15 seconds and share it with your friends. Though Reels is fairly similar to TikTok, there are more features full-fledged than TikTok. There are many social media platforms for creating and publishing video content. So, you need to understand what type of content works best on Reels. Here are the incredible content ideas for creating Reels videos.

Record & Share BTS

Authenticity is important while you run a business. Sharing behind the scenes content to the audiences is the simplest way to be authentic.  You can share to the audience a sneak peak video of your upcoming event, what is best in your product, how your product was made and deliver it to the customer. So, you take time to record multiple shots, choose the perfect one, and share a short clip on your Reels.

Post Repurposing content

Some of your videos might have gone viral on other social platforms. Trimming the most significant section of the video and posting that to reels can get you awesome results. Content without watermarks or logos of other platforms gets more likes than those that have watermarks embedded in them.Besides putting this strategy to practice, you can level up your Instagram profile if you buy Instagram Reels likes for your content which in parallel increases your engagement by gaining a wider audience for your business.

Share Travel content

Through Reels content, you can share short-clip videos of your travel experience on beautiful places, culture and food to let you audience know about the world outside since they find really interesting to watch such videos.

Share Food Recipes

People love to eat and are more curious to know about how a particular food is made and how it would taste. When you share a food recipe with few ingredients, it also has a few steps and you can easily share it within 15-30 seconds. Simple recipes with fewer ingredients and preparations steps can be easily shared as short videos on Reels.

Share Tips & Hacks 

On Reels, you could share tips about photography hacks, home decor, fixing broken objects, health and fitness tips. The audiences want to know about your tips click your video and watch it which helps garner more new audiences on your profile. 


Creating authentic  content helps to establish the brand’s trustworthiness among the audiences. Informing about your brand to the audiences on reels which helps to create brand awareness and grows your business.  On Reels, you can gain more visitors and also convert some of them to your customers. Strike while the iron is hot, use the above 5 ideas to create content, grab the audience’s attention and improve your marketing strategies  on Reels.