Half of the monthly Instagram users are using Instagram stories. 500M users post every day one billion stories. And about sixty-two percent of the users say that they are more interested in a product or brand after viewing it in their stories. First of all, brands and products responded to the channel’s popularity by posting an average of two to three Stories on Instagram per week. 

As of the year 2020, four million brands are advertising their brand on Instagram Stories. Instagram stories are the full-screen format of visuals that will vanish after twenty-four hours. gain more engagement by buying instagram story views.   Instagram stories are like Snapchat stories.  Without worrying about the overloading, Instagram stories can post rapidly and easily to their fans.


  • To access the camera of Instagram stories, go to the Instagram application and then click on the icon “camera” at the top left-hand side corner.
  • To take a picture, just tap on the white color circle at the screen’s foot.
  • To record the video, press and hold on to the white color circle.
  •  To use the already recorded or existing videos or photo, choose the square shape gallery icon on the left-hand side corner or swipe.
  • You can choose a format to experiment with at the screen’s foot – hands-free, focus, superzoom, boomerang, live, music, or type.


  • Open the homepage of the Instagram application and then click on the icon “story” of yours in the top right-hand side corner.
  • In the right foot corner, the view count of your Instagram story will appear.
  • To see the users list who have viewed your story, just swipe up. You can also tap on the graph-like icon to see the insights if you have a professional or business Instagram account.
  • Even though Instagram stories vanish after twenty-four hours, your Instagram insights will last fourteen days, and your viewer’s list will last for forty-eight hours. 


The fun visual editions of the Instagram stories are stickers that also happen to be an important tool for your brand’s aesthetic. Stickers are constantly changing, but the good way to stay up to date with brand-new developments is to use them for Instagram stories. Stickers come in more varieties, but each of them gives a different function:

  • With the help of product stickers, make your normal posts a shoppable one.
  • ¬†With the help of question stickers, countdown stickers, and polls stickers, you can encourage engagement.
  • Express your mood with music, emojis, or gifs.
  • With the help of locations and hashtag stickers, increase your views and reach.


  1. Share a video or photo to your Instagram story or work with a blank background to use the create mode.
  2. Tap on the sticker icon at the screen’s top.
  3. Choose the sticker type that you would like to use for your story.  Each sticker type has its tricks and tips.