Instagram TV: 5 Engaging Content Ideas Must Try Everyone

You all know that people love to spend more time viewing online videos. Instagram TV, more popularly known as IGTV, has become an effective channel for video storytelling. If you are focusing on video marketing strategy, then IGTV will be your best choice. It is one of the features of Instagram, which is a separate app interlinked with this platform. The main advantage of IGTV is, it lets the users share the long-form video. It will offer you an excellent opportunity to tell engaging and compelling stories via videos. It is one of the great marketing tools for brands to engage with their consumers. 

Did you know? 72 % of people like to know more info about products or services via videos. 

In this article, you will be learning five engaging video ideas for your IGTV. 

Come Up With A Video Series

Creating a series and uploading episodic videos under particular topics or ideas is quite trending on IGTV. Through this platform, you can still go more in-depth with your content strategy. Posting frequent videos with proper scheduling will make your audience visit again and again. Choosing ideas or themes for your video series purely depends on your business. 

For instance, if you are running a restaurant, you can bring your favorite recipes as your video series. And post your food recipes regularly. 

Educate Your Audience: Tutorials & How-To Videos 

Sharing your knowledge or skills will be perfectly content to bring more engagement to your video. If you are looking forward to increasing audience attention, then focus on tutorials, how-to form videos. You can visit to get the maximum engagement rate, and it will give more exposure to your IGTV channel. You can share more interesting facts, information about your business, or fields that encourage your audience to engage with your products or brands. Try those contents: Providing tips, useful hacks, giving a demo to your products, giving benefits products. When you add value to your videos, people will keep on visiting your channel.

What About Behind-The-Scenes 

People are always interested in watching behind-the-scenes content. You can share your product by making a video showing how your employees are working, bloopers, and more. Even, you can take your audience to your company via office tour. Offering this type of content will maintain transparency and construct trust with your audience. 

Reuse Your Old Content 

IGTV is the best place to share your old videos. You can repost your YouTube content on IGTV. Through this, you can bring back your existing audience to your IGTV. But, before posting, ensure its a well-performed content and don’t post directly getting it from Youtube. Edit that particular video according to IGTV format; if necessary, change tiles, description. You can also repost your live videos on the IGTV channel. Not all people will see your live videos, right; it’s better to repost them on your IGTV channel to get maximum reach. 

Create Interesting Interviews

Interviews are excellent content on IGTV. You can invite influential people and interview them. While choosing people for an interview, make sure they belong to your industry. In this interview, ensure you discuss exciting facts about your business. Ask funny questions to make the interview interesting and entertaining.  


You can use the live option and story to promote IGTV content. You can share a sneak peek of your new IGTV video on the storyboard. This will create hype among your audience, and they wait for your video. To post the best content, you can ask for suggestions from your audience. And frame the content according to your audience preferences. I hope this article will help you to post different content on IGTV. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.