TikTok is which used to be known as, is a social media networking app that the tweens, teens, and young people can use to create and share their lip sync videos and short videos for popular audio clips by themselves. The platform allows us to upload and create videos for users, remix the videos that are existing already by using built-in tools for editing, and to comment and view on videos created by the other users. TikTok is more popular among the people as it allows them to become the creators of content and also to design their videos to the favorite audios that they love. 


On the users of TikTok can make their video content by where they lip-sync to the popular audio clips and popular songs. To do this, users must be select their favorite audio clips or songs that they want to utilize and create their video content. Once the video of them built, users can share it with their fans and followers or all other TikTok users. In change over from app to the app TikTok, there has been a release of some new features. They have just included some new creative and fun filters that can add on the videos and the section “For You” on the home page, the page where the users are used to discover new creators and new users, interact and react with the other people videos. Users can also use the video caption for their videos using a hashtag to help other users to find the video content, not only this but also to see the video content that has been created by the other users.

Like other social media, there is also the ability of streaming of life through LiveMe Live Video Chat on the platform TikTok, and it is the place where the users can interact directly with audiences online through live video and chat. The Tiktok app puts few foci on challenges based on the theme and encouraging the users to create the video by themselves and doing like editing the two different videos together or else performing the dance moves, which are trending.

There are also the celebrities on TikTok who get over regularly 100,000 views on their videos, buy TikTok views and get views like celebrities. A new challenge can be started by these TikTok celebrities.